Hot Date Night – Pot of Gold


Set the mood

Tonight’s theme is St. Patrick’s Day and the beauty of the Emerald Isle. Set the mood by putting on Mary Black’s Circus and pouring your lover an Irish beer to enjoy with the music. If you are in a dark and full-bodied mood, try a Guinness, for a lighter option try a Harp or a Kilkenny.

What to wear

Wear green tonight in honour of leprechaun’s, shamrocks and all things Irish.



For tonight’s dinner, try Beef and Oyster Stew

For a vegetarian option try, Dublin Coddle with Vegan Irish Sausage

Wine pairing: Choose a Cabernet Sauvignon to match either dish.

For dessert, try Only you - whisky and ice cream cocktail


Tonight’s prelude is a game of Truth or Dare. Prepare cards in advance with your own Truth or Dare questions. Here are some ideas:

Ask: Truth or Dare?

Dare questions: I dare you to unbutton your top and caress your left breast.

Truth: If you could make out with a celebrity, who would that person be? What type of sex would you have with her?

Ask: Truth or Dare?

Dare: I dare you to simulate masturbation and reach a fake orgasm.

Truth: Would you ever like to make out in a public place?

Ask: Truth or Dare?

Dare: I dare you to French kiss me now.

Truth: Have you ever fantasized about a work colleague? If yes, what was the fantasy like?

Ask: Truth or Dare?

Dare: I dare you to spread honey over my nipples and lick it off.

Truth: With whom did you have the best, mind-blowing sex with in your life (other then me)?

Ask: Truth or Dare?

Dare: I dare you to to hump my leg and make barking noises.

Truth: Have you ever fantasized about having a threesome? If yes, what role would you play in it?

Sex Position – Pot of Gold

Take your lover to the kitchen, begin by kissing and partially undressing her. At this point, lift her up onto the kitchen counter, place yourself between her legs and begin to kiss her neck, shoulders, breasts and thighs. When you feel her wetness and heat, begin to stimulate her clitoris, entering her vagina in swirling, penetrating movements with your hand. Once she reaches a burning climax, alternate positions. You are both lucky tonight!


Sex positions are intended to be a starting point, feel free to move on to other positions or modify for your own preferences.

After sex

Relax afterwards listening to Áine Minogue’s The Twilight Realm while you sip an Irish Kiss.

Have Fun!


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*These are the opinions of Lesbians Today. They are not intended to be a solution to any particular issue. Each situation is unique and must be approached with the individual’s unique personality in mind.

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