Hot Date Night – Sensuous Kama Sutra


The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu book that is considered an important exploration of sexual behavior.  Not just a sex manual, the Kama Sutra is a guide to living a life to it’s fullest through love, family and sexual pleasure. Take inspiration by focusing on your partner fully tonight, spending time building intimacy with […]

Hot Date Night – Thai Me Up

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Thailand, formerly called Siam, is located in the centre of the Indochina peninsula of Southeast Asia. With its gleaming Buddhist temples, golden Buddha’s figures, exotic wildlife, incredible scenery and pristine beaches, Thailand is a hidden gem in the East. Set the mood Set the mood by putting on Fatoumata Diawara’s CD Kanou and pouring your lover […]

Hot Date Night – Love Bite

lesbian hot date night vampire theme pic

Vampires have existed in mythology and folklore since ancient times, often described as suave, sexy and charismatic, they were easily able to lure their victims to their doom. Tonight’s Hot Date Night theme is a trip to the dark side, dine with an immortal seductress, but watch your neck, her hunger for blood will be […]

Hot Date Night – Circus of Love


Tonight’s theme is an adventurous evening at the circus. The slender acrobats swing by in snug fitting tights, and the breeze ruffles your hair as they pass you. Your own contribution to the circus is based on the ground, but it is no less daring an act. Throw your inhibitions aside to make this a […]